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Lezyne Zecto Drive Pro LED

SRP: £39.99

Product Code Name Stock Due In SRP
L-1-LED-11-V104 Lezyne - LED - Zecto Drive Pro - Black 10+ In Stock £39.99
L-1-LED-11-V106 Lezyne - LED - Zecto Drive Pro - Silver 10+ In Stock £39.99
L-1-LED-11-V111 Lezyne - LED - Zecto Drive Pro - Red 10+ In Stock £39.99
L-1-MM-POP-V0LED4 Lezyne - LED - Zecto Hecto Drive POP 10+ In Stock £689.82

Lezyne Zecto Drive Pro LED

Something just a little bit brilliant!

Innovative dual purpose high visability rechargable safety Front/Rear light for Commute / Road / MTB light.

ZECTO PRO can be either a high output front or rear LED - your choose.

It's versatlilty also allows for use as outdoors multi-sport light for running, hiking and night vison with red LED option.

On the bike ZectoPro sets the new standard in rechargable, high-visibility lighting and brings added safety to every cyclist.

Two white, plus one red LED are mounted in custom "MOR" lens for increased output efficiency. 180 degrees of visibilty with multiple side LEDs with double as charge and power indicator.

Compact size (40mmx40mm x 35mm). Composite body with knurled alloy bezel.

Lightweight (51g with strap) and tough.

Six white modes: Economy and Blast solid modes; Three flash modes, plus "Daytime Flash" mode. Five red modes: Two flash modes; Economy and Blast solid modes plus Daytime flash mode.

Waterproof (FL1 standard) rubber button and charge port seal.

New "hipster" easy-fit bracket with patented durable rubber strap fits the bike, your belt, clothing, bags, seatpack, just about anywhere you like.

ZectoPro is supplied with MicroUSB to USB cable and easily charged from any USB plug.

Charging indicators built into side LEDs.

Intelligent power indicator fuel gauge LEDs double as side illumination.

Highest qualtiy Lithium Polymer battery built in.

2 year warranty.

Output rating White (Front): Economy 40lm, Flash 1&2 40lm; Blast 80lm, Flash3 80lm; Daytime Flash 160lm.

Output rating Red (rear): Economy 10lm; Blast 20lm, Flash 1&2 20lm; Daytime Flash 40lm. Burn times Front: 2hours - 5hr depending on mode.

Burn times Rear: 3hr45min - 6hr30min depending on mode.

Day or night...Ride safe, always be seen!

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