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Lezyne CNC Dirt Floor Drive

SRP: £89.99

Product Code Stock Due In Option SRP
L-1-FP-DFLDR-V2CNC06 7 In Stock Lezyne - CNC Dirt Floor Drive - V2 ABS £89.99

Lezyne CNC Dirt Floor Drive

The ultimate precision high-volume floor pump optimized for use with mountain bike tyres.
All parts are custom CNC-machined aluminum for an extremely durable design.
The barrel, piston, hose and connectors are oversized to deliver double the air flow per stroke to quickly fill tyres and seat tyre beads on tubeless tyre systems.
ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and 43" | 130cm rubber hose easily reach Presta and Schrader valves.
The 2.5" oversized gauge is precise and easy to read. The anodized high-polish finish makes this pump stylish and durable.

COLOR: High-Polish Silver
MAX: 70psi | 4.6bar


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